Brighton Goals and Our Striker Situation

The loss to newcastle was a seriously depressing moment to be a Spurs fan, one in which I’d rather not get into, so let’s move on to the match against Brighton…

Here are some links to Vines of both Goals:

Goal 1: Lamela – This goal was actually better than this short little clip shows. Lamela and Soldado teamed up for a beautiful string of one-two passes. Their chemistry is undeniable and Soldado’s new haircut looks menacing so hopefully that’s the difference that will finally bring him into form… (

Goal 2: Kane – A great reaction and yet another goal for a very in form Englishman in the games he’s played. (

The only team left in the League Cup that is better than Spurs on paper is probably Chelsea. If Spurs want to win some silverware this year, this actually might be our best bet and I am all for it. Our next game in this cup will be against Newcastle so hopefully we can take revenge!

Who should start at striker against Aston Villa?

This is a question that everyone has on their mind at the moment and I pray that Pochettino does too. Adebayor hasn’t played well lately, but he’s the most proven striker in the Premier League that we have on our squad, but his recent form has been poor. Soldado has showed signs of improvement with some creative play and near chances recently, but we all know about his premier league performances in lilywhite thus far. Kane is on fire in the games that he plays, but it’s normally against low level sides in Europa and Cup performances. Aston Villa has been a VERY poor side and could be a great opportunity for us to improve our goal differential. So the question is, who should we start?

For me, I would like to see Kane start this weekend. In fact, I will be upset with Poch if he starts Ade again. I also think that we could potentially start Soldado and Kane together (with Kane more as a CF sitting slightly behind Soldado). My reasoning for this is that I think the biggest problem our team is currently lacking is mental toughness, and I know I’m not the only one. On the Men in Blazers podcast this week here was a quote about Tottenham – ‘They’re beautiful looking, but woefully insecure.’ I would have to agree with their assessment completely and I think confidence and the ability to keep our head in the game is a problem far larger than our manager or talent on the team. The fans are excited about Kane and during the Brighton game he seemed to be far and away the fan favorite. He has something to prove, is in form and Villa could be the perfect opportunity for him to spread his wings and fly.

What do you think?


Thoughts on Man City Away: 4-1

The Goal

There are a ton of positives to take away from this match, but at the end of the day you should never be happy with a 4-1 hammering. There were mistakes, soft penalties for both sides and one of the most terrifying strikers in the league in the form of his life. Taking that all into account the thing that frustrates me the most about this game was the pathetic lack of mental toughness to try and stay in the game from Lamela and Soldado. After Lamela’s mistake to conceded the first goal, then the additional somewhat careless (although questionable) mistake to concede the penalty he hobbled around the pitch like a sad puppy with his chin to his chest. At this point we were still very much in the game, but Lamela’s confidence was shot and he was constantly throwing his hands in the air with frustration and had a complete lack of conviction for the remainder of the match. This is unacceptable behavior and in my mind Lamela deserves a good kick up the ass. Now on to Soldado. Honestly, this was one of his better matches in lilywhite that he has ever had. He was creative, involved in the buildup/holdup play and looked a genuine goal threat. That being said, when it came time to step up to the spot and slam home a penalty that could have completely changed the course of this match, he reverted back to his typical self. Walking up to the spot I could see it in his face that he wasn’t confident in the shot, I was screaming at the TV asking Eriksen to take the penalty. The penalty was horrendous, you don’t rely on keeper movement in a game this big, you have to slam one into the side netting. The missed penalty was bad, and other than the one chance he had soon after, his complete lack of effort was a disgrace in the final 20+ minutes of the game. If you do not convert a penalty in a match as big as this one, you better be running yourself into the ground for the rest of the match trying to make up for your mistake. I don’t care how much Soldado looked ‘improved’ his lack of confidence and conviction doesn’t equal 1/3 of what we paid for him…

We held the former premier league champions to a tight game for the first 67 minutes. Lampards antics for their first penalty were completely fabricated, giving them an early advantage that was unwarranted. Poch was one of the most active managers Ive ever seen in that game screaming at us to hold a high line and press, which to his credit worked wonders the first 3/4 of the game. Lack of chances have been something we’ve struggled with all season and we had 19 shots to their 20 shots this game.
Lloris was immense as usual. Rose looks to be getting better every day and Ryan Mason should start every game from here on out, he was a little bulldog out there. Eriksen also had a very good game.
Expecting us to make Champions League this year isn’t something we should be doing. Spurs need time to gel as a team and with their new manager. I have 100% faith in Poch and think he’s in another league than AVB or Sherwood. That being said we need to be patient as he inherited a mess of mismanaged talent this year.

Three Lions Official Meetup – North London Derby

CO Spurs have an official meetup at Three Lions  Pub – 10:30am Sept 27th. Everyone try to get there early (closer to 9:30am) because the place will probably be crawling with Gooners and we need a strong presence to cheer on the boys… I know our form has been questionable over the last couple weeks, but this would be the perfect time to turn things around!!!!

Three lions is located at:

2239 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206

As soon as you get into the pub try and gather around the center standing tables. This is the area where we can be the loudest and be all together. Other derbys we’ve been forced upstairs due to lack of space and it’s not nearly as fun.

Love the shirt. Gooners eat babies. Come On You Spurs!!!!!!