Spurs are Coming to Denver!

Today Tottenham made the annoucement that they will be playing against the MLS All Stars at Dicks Sporting Goods Arena in Denver. The match will take place on July 29th at 9:00pm. We are absolutely thrilled to have our beloved lilywhites come to visit our city.

Click here to read the official announcement!

As the date approaches we will have more information about a potential tailgate and meetups for traveling Spurs fans to Denver! Stay tuned…


Hello Colorado Spurs!
Well, what a MASSIVE Sunday we have as Tottenham take on Chelsea at Wembley in the Capitol One Cup Final!!! Can we replicate January 1st, 2015? Who will start? Who will be on the bench? Will Europa Cup Thursday @ Fiorentina hurt our preparation for Sunday?
We have a number of Colorado Spurs heading to Wembley for the match (and they are bringing our Colorado Spurs flag for pictures), but for those of us still in Colorado this weekend please join fellow Colorado Spurs for the 9am MT kickoff on Sunday @ The Three Lions World Football Pub in Denver to watch and cheer on our beloved Spurs!  WE CAN DO THIS!
See you Sunday — and COYS!!!!!
PS – For those able to take an early lunch on Thursday, Tottenham head to Fiorentina at 11am MT in the 2nd leg of the Round of 32 matchup and I’m sure there will be a crowd at the Three Lions. Join if you can!

Upcoming Matches

Wow — what a season so far. Poch appears to be the right manager at the right time, as Kane (now a SUPERSTAR), Eriksen, and the rest of the team are showing heart, effort, and fitness. Amazing to see, so let’s hope it lasts. As has been the case with most “power teams”, you gotta build from within — and our youth system has delivered some gems of late. Hope springs eternal!

Upcoming we have a number of MASSIVE matches:

  • 2/19 – Fiorentina @ Spurs – 1pm MT
  • 2/22 – West Ham @ Spurs – 5am MT
  • 2/26 – Spurs @ Fiorentina – 11am MT
  • 3/1 – CUP FINAL – Spurs v Chelsea – 9am MT

Let’s try to get people together for the above matches! COME ON YOU SPURS!

Roberto Soldado – A Poem

You were a goal machine from sunny Spain
Who made your way to White Hart Lane

Expectations high we watched and waited
But slowly our excitement became deflated

A lack of service and chemistry, no goals from open play
Your score tally dwindled and confidence faded away

Our manager changed and we hope you would too
But every time you step on the pitch a dark shadow casts over you

The look in your eyes looks like nothing but pain
As the crowd screams and shouts bring on Harry Kane!

In my heart I’m still yearning for a beautiful game
Where your blasting them in, on your way to Yid fame

Please understand that we all want you to stay
But our patience is short and going away…

Harry Kane and the Monster from Belgium

Tottenham 2 – Aston Villa 1

At the end of the day the result is all that really matters, right? We took 3 pts away from a game we may not have totally deserved to win, by a moment of divine intervention from the legend that is Harry Kane. Aston Villa looked dangerous and despite their poor form and goal drought looked the better side up until the red card incident. The Monster from Belgium otherwise known as Christian Benteke literally made Kaboul look like a small, little weakling and he was a menace to our backline. A moment of cheekiness from our Man of the Match, Mr. Ryan Mason, in provoking the beast into a rage completely changed the outcome of this game. We’ve had enough red cards go the wrong way for us in recent years that I feel no sorrow for Villa and the monster. He raised his hand to Mason’s face, nothing more needs to be said.

Provoking the Beast…

The only real problem I had with the whole situation was Lamela’s unforgivably childish behavior telling the ref over and over that it should be a red card. I hope Poch gave Lamela a good Argentinian thrashing for that, because it lacks class and probably warranted a yellow for himself. Luckily class act, Harry Kane tried to make him stop this behavior as you can see below.

Lamela Please Stop

While Ryan Mason and Harry Kane seemed to have received the most praise from the match, Chadli’s equalizer was crucial for our comeback and he deserves enormous credit.

Chadli Goal

From the moment Kane came on I felt it was destiny for him to score. However as the time dwindled and we squandered opportunities, I began to worry. When the tenacious little Colombian gave us a free kick outside the box, Harry Kane was the only answer. While the finish took a huge deflection and luck was on our side, Kane’s confidence to claim the ball and step up when the game was on the line is EXACTLY what we’ve been missing all season.

Kane Match Winner & Celebration

Thank you Harry Kane…