Spurs draw West Brom 1-1 | Dec. 26, 2013

After a nice Christmas full of copious amounts of food and alcohol I found myself unable to wake up early enough to watch the match live. While I did manage to see the game later that afternoon I feel partially responsible for the draw, which I consider to be a very poor result against West Brom. Over the course of this season I’ve noticed there’s a direct connection between me waking up early enough to watch the games live and Spurs winning the match. Unfortunately I couldn’t do my part and for that I apologize to Sherwood and the gang.



Walker – Chiriches – Dawson – Rose

Chadli – Erkisen – Holtby – Sigurdsson

Adebayor – Soldado

Bench: Friedel, Fredericks, Naughton, Velkjovic (!?), Bentaleb, Capoue, Lamela

Subs: Holtby for Bentaleb 62′ & Lamela for Chadli 72′


  • Eriksen’s freekick was immense, one of the best I’ve seen all season
  • Danny Rose and Kyle Walker were fantastic this game. They both seemed like they were trying harder than anyone on the pitch and were far and away our best outfield players. In my mind they tie for MOTM performance. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Kyle Walker is the best player on our team right now.
  • Lloris had a great game as usual
  • The officiating was absolutely horrendous in this match. West Brom should have been down to 10 men after a terrible tackle from Reed when he was already on a yellow.
  • Holtby and Eriksen have too similar playing styles to be paired in the middle. It was an experiment, but I hope Sherwood understands that Eriksen needs a Sandro/Capoue with him in the middle.
  • Adebayor and Soldado don’t play well side by side up top. Soldado seems to get forced outside the box too often. I would like to see Ade play more of a CF role behind Soldado if this partnership continues.
  • Chadli is a decent player, but should never be started over Lamela or Lennon.
  • Why on earth did we invert our wingers for most of the game?? Gylfi was struggling with his crosses on his left foot and Chadli with his right! Wake up Sherwood this is Football 101
  • What to do with Gylfi… Honestly this kid has some of the most raw talent on the team, but playing him out wide doesn’t play to his best abilities. I want to see him in the team as he is a serious goal threat, but Sherwood needs to find a way to deploy him creatively.
  • To be fair I don’t think Daws had the worst game, but Chiriches played terrible and our defense was clearly a huge issue. I think Chiriches has potential no doubt, but right now he’s far too unpredictable to start in the Premier League. We need Vertonghen back desperately…
  • Adebayor was lazy and back to his old self. Soldado tries so hard each game, but to no avail… Our striker situation is the most perplexing for me.
  • Bentaleb played another good game and was actually a better pairing with Eriksen than Holtby

Overall, we didn’t play well enough to truly deserve this win. We had 20 shots on goal with only 3 on target!?? We put in tons of crosses, but no one seems to be able to get on the other end of them.

The Goal

Eriksen Free Kick Goal

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