Spurs Lose 2-1 to West Ham – Capitol One Cup 2013

I’m at a loss for words to describe what I just witnessed. The strong emotions of disappointment and sadness are overwhelming and I’m truly ashamed to call myself a Spurs fan at this current moment in time… The part I can’t wrap my mind around is that we came out so strong and aggressive it seemed inevitable that we would score a handful of goals before the halftime whistle. We dominated possession and looked the better side by a wide margin, but we just couldn’t convert anything. We played nice balls in the middle, but no one seemed able to connect with them. In the second half Adebayor scored a cracker of a goal (GIF below), but after that we seemed to lose our spark and West Ham picked us apart for a devastating 2-1 loss. Tim Sherwood’s debut as Spurs manager has all but sealed his fate and I have no doubt we are looking for his replacement with more intensity after today’s defeat. He started an aggressive 4-4-2 formation with Defoe and Adebayor up top, which after our defensive, one striker formations under AVB, I welcomed. However his 2nd half substitution of Holtby on for Adebayor after we went up a goal was very poor and sitting back cost us the game. Our defense (if you can even call them that) aside from Lloris were an absolute disaster. I know we are riddled with injury and playing a CDM as a CB paired with our 3rd choice CB is Chiriches, but it looked embarrassing. The amount of talent we have on this squad, to be losing games like this while fielding a strong squad is painful to watch… If Sherwood remains in charge against Southampton this weekend he needs to do something drastic! a 4-3-3 perhaps?

The only saving grace of this game…

Adebayor Capitol One Cup Goal


4 thoughts on “Spurs Lose 2-1 to West Ham – Capitol One Cup 2013

  1. If we play a 4-3-3 we need players who can both convert and pass playing alongside the line leader. I’d still say Soldado as the tip of the spear, with two of these three (Lamela, Siggy, Holtby) alongside him. But then we don’t have much to do with our wingers (Townsend, Chadli, Lennon).

  2. Of course, when we play a 4-4-2 like today, we waste Eriksen, who really isn’t a CM in that formation I don’t think. I’d need to see a lot more of Holtby as part of a 2-man midfield to judge that fit as well. Gylfi seemed to do well there today, though I only saw the first half.

  3. I still think the 4-2-3-1 fits our personnel best, we just need to see our players play better together in it. Paulinho seems crucial as one of the two “6-ers” in that scheme, because he consistently motors all the way into the 6-yard box. I’d entertain 3-5-2 if someone wanted to make a case that we’d succeed with it anytime soon.

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