Spurs vs Swansea – 1/19/14

Let me start by throwing some statistics your way since Sherwood has taken over as manager:

  • We’ve won 5 games and tied one, taking 16 of 18 possible points in the last 6 matches
  • Under AVB we had a 7% chance conversion rate, the lowest in the league. Since Sherwood took over we have the highest chance conversion rate in the league at 23%.

The recent results from Spurs have me feeling like a giddy little school girl and Sherwood exemplifies my emotions perfectly after Adebayor’s second goal in the match yesterday:

Sherwwod Celebration

Not only has our form improved tremendously, but the squad is finally starting to look like a team and developing chemistry as a unit. If you have any doubts in your mind on whether our diverse group of players are beginning to understand and care about each other, please take note of Danny Rose’s reaction to Chiriches being headbutted by Wilfried Bony:

Danny Rose Reaction

If that’s not true love between defenders, then I don’t know what is!

Match Review

The Negatives

  • To be honest we didn’t start this game well. Swansea had a number of chances to go up early and we were being opened up far too often in the center. One of the reasons for this was the fantastic play from Wilfried Bony. That guy is the real deal and a very quality player. The other reason was poor positioning and defending by our center midfielders, most notably the youngster Bentaleb. Overall I don’t think he had a bad game and after halftime he cleaned up his defending a bit, but once Paulinho and Sandro are back I will have a hard time justifying him to continue as a starter.

The Positives

  • We are playing exciting, entertaining football!
  • EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR!!!! Besides the fact that he scored two excellent goals and nearly had a hat-trick on a couple different occasions, he was immense all game. I don’t know what Sherwood has done to spark the fire inside of him, but when he plays like this he’s one of the most dangerous strikers in the league.
  • Christian Eriksen was all over the place today. Sherwood’s tactics were very interesting having Erkisen out wide at LM and Chadli starting in a more CAM attacking role. That being said the two seemed to switch back and forth at will and Eriksen seems to thrive with this added sense of freedom. It really feels like we got a young version of Rafa back!!
  • The pace of Kyle Walker should be feared by everyone in world football. If his recent form has not given a genuine argument for him to start at RB for England in the World Cup, then Hodgson doesn’t know what he’s doing. Walker is a beast moving forward and excellent tracking back at defense. I also found Sherwood’s choice to bring on Naughton late in the game for Lennon and push Walker up to RM a very successful decision.
  • Hugo Lloris was excellent as usual…
  • Dawson and Chiriches both had their handful in dealing with Bony, however they both played fairly well. Not only were they defending well, but they were getting more involved with build-up play.
  • Rose was a little shaky on occasion at the back, but he was great moving forward and his assist to Adebayor was perfection.
  • Chadli and Dembele both played decent games. Nothing spectacular, but nothing really to complain about (besides Dembele’s selfish decision to shoot and miss when he had Adebayor wide open in front of goal).
  • It was nice to see Gylfi back in the squad and while I do think he should have scored from his shot, he was instrumental in our third goal.

The Goals

Adebayor 35′

Adebayor Goal 1 Swansea

Chico Flores Own Goal 54′

Chico Flores own goal

Adebayor 71′

Adebayor Goal 2 Swansea

Post-Match Interview with Sherwood

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