Tottenham vs Fulham Dec. 2013

After the loss to Man City and the tie with Man United, taking away 3 pts from this Fulham match was absolutely essential. Fulham played terrific and honestly we had some very good luck to win the game. Overall I truly feel that most of the team put in a fairly dismal performance. We were flat, lacked creativity and most of the team didn’t play with any heart or passion. Here are the positives and negatives I saw from that match:


Hugo Lloris
The Frenchman put forth one of his best performances of the season. This game could have easily gone the other way without a tremendous effort from our goal keeper.

Kyle Walker
This was one of the best matches I’ve ever seen Kyle Walker play. He was all over the pitch, shutting people down, making runs and beating people. He was the only outfield player who seemed to be trying their hardest for every ball.

The Goals
Both Chiriches and Holtby had outstanding goals. While I don’t think Holtby had the best game, his game winner was outstanding and more than makes up for it. Chirches goal just might change our entire season and this unconventional center back is slowly becoming the most impactful signing of the summer.


We are terrible at finishing
We have the lowest conversion percentage of shots in the entire league. Even when we put together some very dangerous build ups we can’t seem to finish any of them. Paulinho’s miss was almost unforgivable,however he did get denied a fantastic header later in the game.

Poor Defending
Daws is good in the air, but he hasn’t put in the best performances lately. Chiriches had some questionable moments as well. While I do think Super Jan is an effective left back, I’m anxiously awaiting the return of Danny Rose so that Vertonghen can replace Daws in the center.

Lack of Creativity
To be honest we are becoming a boring team to watch at times. We seem to value possession far more than seeking out creative opportunities to move the ball forward. Paulinho has his moments and Kyle Walker too, but for the most part we ended up getting forced to pass the ball back to out defenders far to often.

Below I’ve added GIFS of both goals from the game. Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

Vlad Chiriches:
Vlad Chiriches Spurs Goal

Lewis Holtby:
Lewis Holtby Spurs Goal

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  1. I had no idea this website existed. I like it. Love the gifs. Where did you get them from, or did you make them yourself? Keep ‘em coming.

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