Tottenham vs Sunderland – Dec. 2013

First off a big thanks to everyone that made it out to 3 Lions on Saturday morning. We managed a decent showing of nearly 20 Spurs fans, which really made for a nice atmosphere to watch the game. On a weekend where nearly everyone ahead of us in the table dropped points, this was a fantastic opportunity for us to make up some ground. We delivered with our second comeback victory in a row and now we sit 6th in the table. In fact a win against Liverpool this weekend would give us a great chance of being back in the top 4!

Takeaways from the match:

  • Kyle Walker just strung together 3 stellar performances… This season he is beginning to show more maturity and he’s consistently looking solid in the back and dangerous moving forward. He’s still very young at only 23 years old and for me, Kyle Walker was the MOTM (man of the match).
  • Aaron Lennon is our fastest winger and should be starting every game. He gives us the width we desperately need and had a solid defensive workrate. He also has great chemistry with Walker.
  • After this match Defoe vs Soldado up top has become a legitimate argument. While Defoe should have put this game to bed earlier as he hit the post twice, he seemed to be far more involved in the buildup play than Soldado usually is. While there’s no question in my mind that eventually Soldado will find his form if we can start to give him the service he needs, at this point in the season depending on who we are playing I can see many reasons why Defoe might be a better start.
  • Overall we took 3 points from this match so I’m happy, but like the Fulham match earlier in the week I’m still not too confident in our form just yet.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Who was your Man of the Match? Wingers of choice? Starting striker moving forward? Or anything else you would like to discuss.

The Goals – GIFS take a moment to load and get up to speed, be patient


Paulinho Sunderland Goal


Dembele Sunderland Goal

3 thoughts on “Tottenham vs Sunderland – Dec. 2013

  1. Sit back and enjoy the fact that we’ve gotten goals from basically every CM who’s been playing:
    -Sandro’s screamer against Man U.
    -Holtby’s cracker against Fulham.
    -Dembele’s fortuitous bounce (yes, I’m giving him credit for the OG).
    -Paulinho’s gritty stab from the advanced positions he always gets into.

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